Song and Ledania present their second duo exhibition in Tokyo, “Into the Fumes of Gold (2023).” An installation experience of the magic of the equator line — a reflection of the artists’ travels through the globe, the catalyst for exploring their own ancestral spiritual roots as they invite others into this realised mythical world through their creations “deep into the fumes of gold” of Singapore and Colombia’s magical roots of the equator.

This exhibition showcases Song’s series of sculptures, paintings and mix media artworks demonstrating his reconnection to Earth through created artefacts and recreating his own mythology through his experiences and roots. They offer up an alternate reality, a colorful and vibrant tropical world with Song’s reinterpretation of Singapore through modern times. The exhibition also showcases Ledania’s colorful and vibrant paintings representing her strong culture of Colombia contrasting the harmony of both sides of the equator from Singapore and Colombia.