Samurai Week, an event that takes you back to the era when samurai lived in Japan, offers a variety of tours crafted with the intent to experience Japan’s Bushido culture for a limited time. One of these tours is the “Shingen-ko Festival: Battle Ceremony Tour.” This tour is limited to 40 people and allows participants to wear real samurai armor. Participants have the opportunity to join the world’s greatest samurai parade. On day two of this tour, enjoy the spectacular view of Mount Fuji.

During Samurai Week, there are several tours available. One option is an exclusive viewing of the samurai parade and festival. This tour offers premium seats and includes English commentary. In the evening, there is a drinking tour of Kofu Yokocho (alleyways). Additionally, there are other tour options such as experiencing old historical rituals, visiting waterfalls and participating in zazen (meditative sitting).