Celebrating its 3rd anniversary, the multi-faceted entertainment venue Or Tokyo located at the Miyashita Park in Shibuya has a special event lined up for its anniversary party. On the third day of this anniversary celebration, party goers can expect performances by renowned artists such as Chozen Lee, Chehon and more. Check out and enjoy a wide range of music according to your mood. There will also be a Jagua tattoo booth on the third floor.


3F Terminal×Caribbean Sunday Squad “Reggae Edition”

Genre : Hiphop / Reggae

Chozen Lee | Chehon

Sound : Asian Star | DJ Kixxx (Masterpiece Sound) | Independent |

Big Blaze Wilders | DJ Nalu | DJ Hokuto | Mdk | Spite

Dancers : Ayami | Eza | Hikari | Latte Promoter Asuka | Mori | Mammy

Photo : Kaka

Jagua Tattoo Booth : Ink Umebachi

Weekend All Stars


Guest DJ : Watarai

DJ: Chin-Nen | Justy | Kazunari | Red | Theta | Kee | Babymad | Tatsuya

Se-Ya | The K Glider

Crib supported by Beatshive


Syoru | 1no

DJ : Koujiro | Yukiss | Sosei | Eba | shabba | Mei Isabelle | Shuto | Rikimaru

*Or Tokyo will offer one free drink for visitors who mention Tokyo Weekender at the entrance.