Celebrating its 3rd anniversary, the multi-faceted entertainment venue Or Tokyo located at the Miyashita Park in Shibuya has a special event lined up for its anniversary party. On the second day of this anniversary celebration, partygoers can expect performances by renowned artists such as Ken Ishii, often referred to as the Techno God of the East, and Masanori Morita from the dance music unit Studio Apartment.



Ken Ishii/ Masanori Morita (Studio Apartment) / Shinkawa / U:Ichi / Shogo Ito / Hanami Kanayama / Na-na


Erimiya / Signal / Remi Ohsugi × Shelly / Tomoya Watanabe / Hiroaki Wada / Ririko / Hiro Yamakawa


Abilio / Fujiko / Da Yama & Takuro Kawakami & Yoshiya Ishiyama (The Guest House) / Basara-ZA / Kitkut / Ally

*Or Tokyo will offer one free drink for visitors who mention Tokyo Weekender at the entrance.