Huls Gallery Tokyo welcomes ceramic artist Nobuyuki Kimura for a solo exhibition. Born and raised in a pottery family in Gojozaka, Kyoto, Kimura has consistently explored the expression of celadon even before embarking on his independent artistic journey. Driven by a deep admiration for the masterpieces of the Northern Song dynasty, his pursuit of celadon has unfolded in a diverse variety of colors such as toka (peach blossom), moegi (vibrant yellow), and suishoku (jade green).

In recent years, Kimura has also dedicated his efforts to studying tenmoku, a type of glaze inspired by Chinese ware from the Song dynasty. He describes tenmoku as having a unique sense of familiarity and admiration within his family, and it evokes the imagery of twinkling stars in the night sky. Combining refined glaze techniques honed over the years with the inherent elegance of Kyoto, experience the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and sophistication in Kimura’s creations.