Organized by Meet My Amami and Hatachi no Sake Project and in special collaboration with Nishihira Distillery, this event brings Japanese alcohol to the front and center. The name of the event, “Neriya Kanaya,” means “paradise beyond the sea” or “utopia” in the Amami Oshima dialect, and was chosen because the organizers’ goal is a world where everyone enjoys alcohol from Japan’s remote islands.

At the event, you can try sake by Obata Sake Brewery from Sado Island, Niigata and brown sugar shochu by Nishihira Distillery from Amami Oshima in Kagoshima.

There will also be a DJ lineup, namely Amika_rdashian, Koki (Systems), Meleetime (Masala), Guchon, and Dogeatingdogs.