What happens on the cosmic journey toward a black hole? What is on the other side of the black hole? Legendary American DJ and composer Jeff Mills is set to explore these questions through a performance that appeals to the auditory and visual senses.

The DJ and producer is referred to as a “godfather of techno” for his contributions to the genre, first as part of the act Underground Resistance in the 1980s and subsequently his successful solo career. The Trip, which is the world’s first opera, offers an exciting way to experience another side of the pioneer’s work.

The Trip

Through light, projections and sound, The Trip is not merely a DJ event, but a cosmos-themed immersive A/V show from the mind of Jeff Mills and the team behind Cosmic Lab.

First performed in France, in 2008, The Trip was then extended in 2016 at Hamarikyu Asahi Hall, Tokyo, with a video production by Cosmos Lab. This time, the work is brand new, with the theme of black holes marking the beginning of a spectacular project.