The world’s most famous kickboxing event promotion company will have their first event of 2015 in Yoyogi.

Under the new name of K-1 World GP, the promotion company is keeping their focus on the one-day tournament format, in which the winner of three consecutive fights will be crowned champion.

This time the tournament is for fighters who weigh in at 60 kg and below—also known as the Super Featherweight class. Fights in the Super Featherweight class are characterized by lightning-fast, non-stop action and very high technical skill. Spectators who are new to lighter-weight bouts are typically amazed by how much power these fighters can deliver and just how many of these fights end in knockouts. Japan excels in the lighter class and constantly produces high-level fighters, who usually compete in the local Krush league. There are also plenty of international stars on the card, including the Swede Sanny Dahlbeck, who will be fighting fight local superstar Yoshiro Sato.

The World GP champion at the 65-kg weight class, Thailand’s Kaew Fairtex, will fight hard-hitter Minoru Kimura. Other big names are the Urabe brothers, Koya and Hirotaka, and Masahiro Yamamoto, all will take part in the tournament, creating the chance for a brother vs brother final. Shota Takiya, whose look is more than a bit inspired by the anime Dragon Ball, is another one to watch.

—Asi Rinestine

K-1 World GP in Japan—60 kg Championship Tournament

When: January 18, from 14:30

Where: Yoyogi National Stadium, Gymnasium 2 (see map below)

How much: ¥6,000 to ¥30,000

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