World-class kickboxing returns to Yoyogi as the weight classes keep going up.

After 3 successful events with exciting—some would even say historical—bouts and rising new superstars, the world’s premier kickboxing league has to work hard to meet the expectations. The July 4 card is indeed packed with top stars, both international and local, as well as some highly anticipated bouts.

K-1 World GP is keeping their focus on the one-day tournament format, in which the winner of three consecutive fights will be crowned champion. This time the tournament is for fighters who weigh in at 70 kg and below—also known as the Super Welter and Middleweight classes.

Although for many of us foreigners, 70 kg may sound light (some of us might even dream about their scales showing this figure). But with no fat, just muscles and bones of steel, these fighters are mean machines. They are not only powerful enough to break walls but also have blistering speed, technique, and agility. These fighters deliver bouts in which a KO can happen any second.

Four Japanese fighters will meet their four international counterparts, hailing from the Netherlands, France, Ukraine, and Sweden.

And if this is not enough, there are plenty of super fights on the card, heading by the rising superstar Takeru, who in the previous event delivered a most spectacular main event in his fight against Taiga. Joining him is arguably the best lightweight kickboxer in the world: Thailand’s Kaew Fairtex in his fight against Rise champion, the Japanese national, Souda. The brothers Urabe will each face their own rival this time. Finally, the knockout master Minoru Kimura would try to give the Netherlands’ Massaro Glunder his usual treatment.

Though the timing of the fight doesn’t have much to do with the United States’s Independence Day, you can still be guaranteed to find plenty of beer and hot dogs available in the the venue, so come on down. There will be plenty of fireworks.

You can catch a recap of the last K-1 World GP event below:

K-1 World GP

When: Saturday July 4th starting 16:00

Where: Yoyogi National Stadium, Gymnasium 2 (see map below)

How much: ¥6,000 to ¥30,000

More information:

—Asi Rinestine