Rugby World Cup has taken Japan by storm. Fans from all over the world are cheering for their favorite players and fully embracing the casual beer-friendly atmosphere the sport has brought. We recommended a few spots around town to catch up with the games, but today we have a new location for those who want to kick it up a notch.

Notoriously known for their exclusive and A-class clientèle, 1 Oak is a club that built its reputation in New York City and quickly became the second home of celebrity DJs and the world’s partygoers. A few years ago, 1 Oak expanded to Tokyo, more specifically in Roppongi where the nightlife scene is alive and well. If you’re in the capital for the Rugby World Cup and are still wondering where the best place would be to catch the next game, here’s why 1 Oak could be a good option.

1. Be At the Heart of It

Roppongi’s nightlife is lively and new venues have to compete with giants that have roots that go deep. 1 Oak is standing tall, however, and during the Cup, fans can join the party free of charge, making it a perfect time to check out the club if you’ve been meaning to. Either take advantage of their terrace to take in the cool evenings of fall or sit inside and let yourself get lost in the game. Once the score is final, continue the party by stopping at one of the nearby bars or izakayas, just a few seconds away.

2. Feel Like a VIP

Fun fact: The warm and leathery interior of the Tokyo location was designed by Rihanna’s album cover artist. This is why above the stage, you’ll see a mural of her album Anti. 1 Oak, whether in NYC or LA, has become a go-to place for rappers, singers and movie stars and the eclectic interior design featuring a checkered floor and black furniture of their Japan location reflects that. It’s not uncommon for local stars to turn Friday nights into impromptu performances and while it’s unlikely you’ll run into them on your way to the bar, it makes for a good anecdote.

3. More Beer Please

Partnering up with Heinekin, 1 Oak dedicates itself to serving rugby’s unofficial-official signature brew. With bartenders only a few steps away from the many televisions scattered across the venue, you’re sure not to miss a second of the match even if you’re going to refill your beverage. Of course, there are some menu items for those of us who aren’t the biggest fans of beer and some BBQ meats for those who might get hit with a sudden strike of hunger.

During the Rugby World Cup, fans are welcome to join the celebrations for free but do note that seats should be reserved in advance at or on-site.

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