Since 1992, Ritzwell’s goal has been to make elegant, functional furniture that grows more beautiful with age. The company’s talented in-house designers work together to create superior contemporary products that last a lifetime. Because both form and function are of equal importance for this manufacturer, each Ritzwell design is evaluated and redesigned until only the most essential elements remain. Everything in the rigorous design process — from the use of highest-grade materials to combining cutting edge technology and traditional craftsmanship — is created to elevate the user experience.

From Japan to the World

Ritzwell furniture embodies elements of the Japanese culture it hails from while maintaining an internationally accessible aesthetic. Meticulous attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship techniques are molded with inspiration from the world around them.

“Beautiful things come from a beautiful environment”

The curved roofs of Japanese shrines and temples, for example, inspired the Rivage lounge chair, while the Jabara AV board expresses the vertical beauty of Kyoto’s bamboo forests. Claude, a comfortable chair with smoothly carved armrests, suggests an ancient Buddha statue’s image, exuding tranquility and peace. These Japan-inspired elements come together with sleek, modern design to create something new that can be appreciated worldwide.

Monotsukuri — The Heart of Japanese Craftsmanship

While modern machinery is a vital part of furniture manufacturing, Ritzwell believes that to make quality products, the keen eyes and steady hands of craftsmen are necessary.

Craftsmen are dedicated artists who perceive their work with all their senses and put their souls into the construction of each piece. Furniture manufacturing is more than just fitting pieces together — the upholstery of buttery leather, for example, requires detailed measurements and a seasoned touch to ensure a smooth finish on curves and long-term durability. Only a skilled artisan with years of specialized experience and a natural knack for discovering and anticipating inconsistencies can do this. 

The Itoshima Seaside Factory — Working with Nature

Ritzwell believes that beautiful things come from a beautiful environment and this belief is further instilled in their new Itoshima Seaside Factory, opened this year in honor of the company’s 28th anniversary. Located in Fukuoka Prefecture’s picturesque coastal city Itoshima, an area known for its white sand beaches, stylish cafes, and further inland, lush green forests and designed by internationally acclaimed architect Shigemi Imoto, the owner of the international firm Imoto Architects, the property spans almost 6,000 square meters and faces the azure Genkai Sea. The modern minimalist design reflects the same elements Ritzwell considers essential in their products — functionality, beautiful structure and timelessness. 

The large windows and surrounding lush greenery outside offer natural light and a beautiful environment within reach of the craftsmen working inside. The warm, spacious interior creates an open and inviting space to enhance the creativity of the on-site designers and craftsmen practicing their art. It is in this stunning environment Ritzwell’s pieces are made — from Itoshima to the world.

Experience the Ritzwell Difference — At Your Home

With their keen attention to detail in envisioning how people spend their time at home, Ritzwell’s award-winning products create livable spaces that enhance any interior. By relying on superior Japanese craftsmanship in tandem with modern research, each piece — from tables and chairs to sofas and storages — is a mix of materials built for comfort without sacrificing style. Don’t believe us? Head to your nearest showroom to see for yourself — and take your first step to creating your very own Ritzwell oasis at home. 

Essential Information

Itoshima Seaside Factory

Address: 3515-1 Nijoyoshii, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture

Ritzwell Tokyo Showroom

Address: 3F-4F Matrice Bldg., 2-13-7 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact: [email protected]

*For inquiries regarding visits, please contact each showroom.
Ritzwell also has showrooms in Osaka and Fukuoka. For more information on Ritzwell’s products and services, see the official company website here

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