An evening with the world of Noh

Older than Kabuki and with, historically, a rather select following, Noh is something you may not know so much about. Masked performers play out dramatic scenes in a refined atmosphere and intrigue the audience with their depictions of classic folk tales.

If you have always wanted to acquaint yourself with Japanese culture, particularly its artistic performances, but have never had the right opportunity, September brings a perfect chance to encounter, learn about and experience the dramatic and ceremonious elements of Noh. English narrative is provided and all are welcome.


Yashima 桜間金記 (c)TOSHIRO MORITA

Arguably Noh is one of the most important aspects of Japanese culture, as demonstrated by the fact that it was the first Japanese entry to be included into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, in 2001.

Established more than 600 years ago from several grass root and aristocratic art performances, legendary playwrights Kan’ami and Zeami revolutionized the art to its present form in the 14th century. As a result, Noh enjoyed the strong patronage of the respected shogunate and later influenced other art performances of Japan.

What attracted the samurai to Noh? What do Hana and Yugen, key essences of Noh, exemplify? True to its long and esteemed tradition, Noh has been difficult to access and challenging to understand for the novice. Casual viewers may have many questions and seasoned fans might have an appetite for further trivia.

This event, a rare opportunity to explore the world of Noh, will try to provide the answers to these and other questions. Noh artists of acclaimed international reputation will perform live and narrate in a relaxed environment, followed by a Q&A session.

The main performances at this event are two stage sets of short but condensed 10-15 minute performances from six top artists including shite (performer/dancer) and instrument players certified as Intangible Cultural Property by the Japanese government, followed by narrations. The whole event takes place in a dinner party like atmosphere with a cocktail buffet and open bar at a top class Midtown venue.

Where: The Oakwood Premier Midtown Lounge, Roppongi.

When: 21 Sept. 18:30 – 21:00

How Much: 10,000 yen, includes buffet and drinks. To buy tickets, click here.


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