This season we have three Shop Japan roundups to help you in your search for the perfect holiday gift. 

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Food & Drink

1. Japan-made Hegi-soba dried noodles by WATAYA CO., LTD.

Celebrate WATAYA’s 100th anniversary with this unique type of soba that has a smooth, firm texture, making it easy to slurp. 



Brewed using only white plums from Gunma Prefecture, additive-free sugar and award-winning Shimeharitsuru sake, this umeshu (plum wine) is the ultimate refreshing drink.


3. Onomichi Zosu Vinegar Drink (Fig, Persimmon, Grape) by ONOMICHIZOUSU Co., LTD

This series of vinegars are made of figs, persimmons and grapes. To enjoy, add a few drops to a glass of water, soda, milk or soy milk. 


4. SAYAMARU (Fruit tomato from Nagano) by JAPAN POST Co., Ltd.

Grown by Japan Post, these tomatoes are juicier and fruitier than normal varieties and are grown with fewer pesticides.


5. The Earth (Izumo matchmaking rice & shijimi miso soup) by Add WA! TOKYO Inc.

Made with delicious ingredients from Shimane Prefecture, this rice and miso soup set makes for a comforting winter breakfast at home.


6. Shojin & Kiyome by cozy coffee

Coffee made with carefully selected beans, “Shojin” coffee is perfect for those who are stressed while “Kiyome” is suited for those looking to avoid caffeine.


7. 2021 MIRACLE-KUN Oriental Zodiac Bottle Ox 35°500ml by Chuko Awamori Distillery Co., Ltd.

These bottles feature beautiful designs based on the Chinese Zodiac drawn by a prodigious 11-year-old illustrator.


8. Japanese GIN Aka Torii by MITSUTAKE SHUZOJO CO., LTD.

A new craft gin infused with juniper berry, cedar and citrus, made with natural spring water sourced from the Tara mountains in Saga Prefecture. 


9. Fugamaki by Fuga Co., Ltd.

Crispy and crunchy, these Fugamaki will satisfy your savory snack cravings. Different beans are coated with a crunchy batter, then hand-wrapped with delicate nori. Enjoy traditional flavors like soy sauce, wasabi and plum.


10. Amanatsu Natural Wine by Masanobu Fukuoka Natural Farm (Nihon sogo engei Co., Ltd.)

A product of nature and climate, this amanatsu orange wine is made with select fruit, using the same process as white wine.   


11. Set of Onsen Tamago and Yuan Pudding by Moriyama Co., Ltd.

A nourishing soft-boiled egg enhanced by natural salt from a hot spring source and a light pudding with a silky texture. 



12. nepros neXT Walnut Series by KYOTO TOOL CO., LTD.

Made of natural walnut, this chest was produced with the concept of designating a storage place for tools and daily items.


13. Tree’s bento box by ICHIBA MOKKO CO., LTD.

A set of wooden toys that resembles a Japanese bento box, handmade from wood sourced from forests in Hiroshima Prefecture.


14. ALUMIUM picture frames series by Aluna Co., Ltd.

Decorate your space with simple yet sophisticated aluminum frames. These frames don’t distract from the art they surround but rather enhance it.



A sustainable brand using hinoki cypress, one of Japan’s most famous trees, to convey the beauty, scent and functionality of this softwood that needs protecting.  


16. Toast Domino by ICHIBA MOKKO CO., LTD.

Made to look like sliced bread, these blocks of hinoki wood transform into a gender-neutral toy. Also enjoy the subtle hinoki scent from the natural oils that seep out of the blocks. 


17. Aluminium frame series for sports uniform by Aluna Co., Ltd.

Thanks to this special case equipped with an original hanger, sports fans can preserve their jerseys for years to come.


18. Zaoh Block by Zaoh Industries, Ltd.

Children can learn how to use tools while playing to develop their imagination and creativity by making original sculptures with these assemble toys made of aluminum. 


19. j.air by FORESTWELL CO., LTD.

Cleaning the air of impurities, this product aspires to create air so refreshing it feels as if you are taking a deep breath in the forest. 


20. Nioitori by TAIYO CO., LTD.

These antibacterial and antifungal sheets prevent odors before they begin by vaporizing and cleansing the air. Come home to a clean, comfortable house. 


21. / by grasspool

A unique pen case that lets you reach the top of the mountain as you unzip it, this item comes in two sizes and various colors. 


22. words words series by RelationKaoriLabo rerashionkaorirabo

The colorful room spray series allows you to choose the fragrance you find comfort in when feeling in a certain way. 


23. Door Knob Plate by HEXAGON Co., Ltd.

Modern-day door knob plates that meet current needs with people spending more time at home.  


24. Kintsugi set by Minowa Shikko Co., Ltd.

Try your hand at kintsugi, the traditional art of repairing broken ceramics with urushi lacquer sprinkled with powdered gold.


25. CHOCHIRIN by KoaCute

A wind chime that weighs just 90 grams despite being made from metal, it is shaped like a lantern and can be used in a variety of ways. 


All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Winter 2021 brochure by clicking the image below.