Eyes are the focus of this bold makeup brand as it steps onto the global market.

By Vivian Morelli

“No more rules.” This is makeup brand KATE’s catchphrase, as the company supports independent women who are determined to create their own self-image with fun, cutting-edge products. Established in 1997, KATE is now in its late teens, and targeting young women around that same age to their 20s, who are learning to experiment with different tools, colors and brushes. The company has made a change itself this year—formerly known just as KATE, it has marked its step into the global market as KATE Tokyo.

The brand became popular with women of a wide age range thanks to its trendsetting makeup ideas and innovative products, and has been one of the most popular makeup brands for the last decade. KATE’s latest collection is mainly about the eyes: it focuses on eyeliners and eye shadows, which are used to emphasize and contour the eyes, undoubtedly one of the most desirable results when using makeup.

It turns out KATE has the tools to make eyes stand out, and the brand is not only reserved for late teens. KATE’s collections always manage to stay fresh and on top of the trends, and women keep on using the products and remaining faithful to the brand, and appreciate the high quality they get for such an affordable price range.

However, with the growing presence of makeup brands based out of New York and Paris in Asia, is KATE likely to appeal to the Asian market as a unique brand coming from the fashionable city of Tokyo?

KATE Brown Four Shade Eyes 4 Color Set

KATE Brown Four Shade Eyes 4 Color Set

Souichi Yamaguchi, brand manager at KATE, assures that it is not a concern: “The global makeup brands now prevailing are mainly developed for facial features of a European type. KATE stands apart as a makeup brand originally created for the distinctive features of East Asian women,” he explains. “Differences in features are evident especially in the eyes. Japanese and other East Asians tend to have relatively flat facial features with smallish eyes and single-edged eyelids. The cosmetics cultures of the East and West both emphasize the eyes, but different eye shapes obviously require different color combinations and makeup techniques. For the flatter eyes of East Asian women, creating depth with subtle shading and emphasizing the outer corners of the eyes with eyeliner works wonderfully. KATE’s eye shadows have perfected this nuanced gradation and enchant with subtle pearl and lamé effects. With a few simple strokes these eye shadows add depth and impact to Asian eyes,” Yamaguchi says.

Don’t be mistaken, KATE also works wonders on non-Asian women, who covet the brand for its long-lasting mascara, its precise eyeliner that does not smudge, and the soft palettes of eye shadows, which are smooth, easy to apply and don’t crease at the end of the day.

Shall we say, must-haves for the temperamental Japanese weather?

In addition to its trendsetting, dynamic image, the brand has been able to offer premier quality at an affordable price, and KATE BROWN SHADE EYES (including 4 shade colors) serves as a good example.

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