Last month we asked TW readers to take part in a survey telling us about their suit-buying habits in Japan, including their preferences and any challenges they face when looking for the right fit and price in Tokyo. Here’s a quick look at the results…

Why You Should Shop For a Suit At D’Urban

If you, like many TW readers who answered our survey, are struggling to find a menswear suit in Tokyo in your size and price range, here’s how D’URBAN can help…

Synonymous with city style and sophistication, D’URBAN has helped men dress for success since 1970. Whether you’re seeking a classic jacket to match your current closet contents or you’re hankering for a whole new look, D’URBAN will find something to suit your style. Only high quality materials make it to the cutting board and everything is made domestically in Japan, ensuring quality control from first thread to final fitting. Each purchase from D’URBAN guarantees high-quality craftsmanship in the form of three promises:

• To ensure the best quality, D’URBAN uses wool from Bishu in Aichi Prefecture, one of the world’s largest woven-textile districts.

• All suits are manufactured in D’URBAN’s own facilities in Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture. Approximately 135,000 suits are made annually under the guidance of certified meisters.

• Every part of the manufacturing process from start to finish – yarn dyeing, weaving, knitting, and sewing – is done in Japan, earning the brand a J∞QUALITY certification, which attests to the high quality and craftsmanship of D’URBAN’s products.

Where to Buy

2F Kitte Marunouchi, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6551-2639 (Japanese only)
Email: [email protected]

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