It’s not just skin that needs an extra dose of love and moisture when the weather is dry. Try these three products, and three head spas in Tokyo for hair that’s happier and healthier.

By Mandy Lynn and Annemarie Luck 

Oway ColorUp by Rolland

Perfect for color-treated hair is Oway’s all-natural, biodynamic and organic ColorUp Color Protection range. The Hair Mask and Veil contain biodynamic red grapevine and organic goji berries to revitalize hair fiber, retain color vibrancy and slow down hair aging – all this whilst keeping your hair soft and beautiful. For optimal results, we recommend the Hair Bath too, as it deeply cleanses and softens. Bonus: you’ll leave the house smelling like sweet plum – what’s not to love?

Hair Bath, ¥3,400, Hair Mask, ¥3,200, Veil, ¥3,600, available from Assort Hair or via information at

okay color by rolland

Loretta Base Care Oil by MoltoBene

Japanese hair-care range Loretta, which features a line of waxes, styling milks, and oils, was originally created for use in hair salons, so know that the price tag indicates professional-grade quality. Their Base Care Oil is a leave-in treatment that has a soft rose fragrance (aromatherapy bonus!) and is super nourishing and moisturizing, helping to keep hair sleek and shiny all day.



Jemile Fran Melty Butter by Milbon

Launched last year, Japanese beauty brand Jemile Fran’s Melty Butter Balm and Melty Butter Beautifying Hair Treatment are ideal for the busy working lady – hair care that doubles up as a hair styling product. The latter is great if you’re going for naturally loose curls, while the balm offers higher holding power. Containing moringa butter, these treatments stimulate your scalp by increasing blood circulation whilst leaving your hair silky smooth.

Melty Butter Balm, ¥2,200, Melty Butter Beautifying Hair Treatment, ¥2,000, available at Hair Salon NALU or via

jemile fran

Premium Head Spa at Assort

Taking luxury to a new level is international hair salon Assort Hair, with its Premium Head Spa that uses 100% organic and natural products by fair trade brand Oway. A hair consultation first determines the best suited products for you, after which you are treated to an application of scalp treatment oils, a special shampoo and treatment massage, and – the best part – a head and shoulder massage so relaxing we drifted off to Dreamland on our visit.



Flow Head Spa at VIP Creative 

If stress is keeping you up at night, VIP Creative’s Flow Head Spa is just what you need. More than the usual feel-good treatment, this one incorporates traditional massage methods to relieve muscle stiffness, promote blood flow, and awaken the parasympathetic nervous system to ease you into a relaxed state whilst improving the body’s immune system.

From ¥4,000,

Special offer for first-time customers: Mention “Tokyo Weekender” to receive 20% off your treatment, or a complimentary Kerastase treatment (worth ¥3,000).

vip creative

Ultrasonic Iron Treatment at Hair Salon NALU

While most iron treatments use heat, the Ultrasonic Iron Treatment at NALU uses intense vibrations (37,000 beats per second!) to separate protein, water and oil particles, allowing for deeper penetration into the hair structure, resulting in softer, more manageable locks. Recommended for hair damaged by chemicals.


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This article appears in the February 2017 issue of Tokyo Weekender magazine