Kyoto-based clothes manufacturer ONLY opens its flagship Tokyo shop in Yurakucho in January 2019 – and you can expect it to be an exclusive affair.

Specializing in custom-made suits, as well as stylish outfits for business events, weddings and parties, ONLY has continued to make a name for itself in Japan’s world of fashion for the past several decades. The store’s somewhat unique name derives from its concept of fashion that is created “only” for you; with a level of service and quality that can “only” be found within the customized services that this brand provides.

With roots dating back to 1976, ONLY takes great pride in its Kyoto identity. Featuring the catch phrase of “Kyoto Artism” – an amalgam of Artisan + System + Ism – the store’s early history of tailor-made clothing involved personal visits paid to each customer’s home to provide services such as measurements and fitting.

At the heart of ONLY’s philosophy is the constant pursuit of how to produce quality suits from the perspective of the artisan. Every detail is meticulously crafted to create the best possible look, from the way the fabric is cut to the timing at which each finished piece is folded.

Individual order-made suits are produced for each customer in ONLY’s own factory in Saga – which is also consistently abuzz with the work of developing new products and engaging in an extensive range of monozukuri.

One such novel product is ONLY’s original “Kyoto Taste” line, a series of men’s kimonos made from suit material as well as business vests made from traditional kimono fabric. With plenty of options available for your order-made suit, you can choose your ideal color, design and cut, and opt for a haori (long kimono-style jacket) to round off the look. The “Kyoto Taste” line is a perfect pairing of the brand’s traditional Kyoto heritage and avant-garde craftsmanship, and is made possible by combining the Kyo-zome technique, an Edo-era method of painting dye directly onto cloth, and Nishijin-Ori, a traditional textile produced in Kyoto.

“Kyoto Taste” line

Another unique offering is the new “ONLY Galleria” collection, featuring three-piece suits created with traditional techniques. Suits are made with silk-blend wool and feature silk touches for a high quality sheen, providing plenty of inspiration for dressing up for business functions, parties and other special occasions, or simply for pairing smart jackets with casual everyday wear. Choose from a large selection of accessories including vests and bowties, too.

Vest from the “ONLY Galleria” collection

The first ONLY shop in Tokyo opened in Hibiya in 1999 as “The Super Suits Store.”  Additional locations subsequently appeared throughout the metropolis, with shops now in Hibiya, Ginza, Shinjuku and Shibuya, as well as in major cities of Japan including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sapporo.

The new ONLY Premio shop in Yurakucho will be a flagship location specializing in the particular needs of global businesspersons. The store will feature high-end men’s and women’s suits, jackets, pants, shirts, ties and shoes, along with stylish party wear and a range of additional fashion accoutrements.

At ONLY, you will not find fluctuating prices or on-again-off-again bargains. What you will find, however, whether you are ordering online or visiting one of its shops for an in-store experience, is consistently unparalleled quality that you will turn to time and time again.

The ONLY Premio Tokyo flagship store opens in Yurakucho on January 11, 2019.
2-2-3 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku

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