MUJI, the Japanese fashion, home and retail store, has already opened more than 900 stores in 28 countries and regions around the world. The company famous for its generic branding (and nameless designer), minimalist design and love of practicality has introduced their Spring/Summer 2019 MUJI Labo collection, which they describe as a genderless clothing line.

If you aren’t familiar with MUJI Labo, it began as a special project in 2005, meant to explore basic concepts in apparel with a free and creative approach. What MUJI Labo learns through product development eventually becomes standard apparel in MUJI stores, reflecting practical design and conscientious materials like organic cotton, considering both the producer and the environment.  

Bringing their “All Value, No Frills” philosophy to the next level, the newest collection features six categories that are catered to men, women and non-binary genders, in addition to being suitable for all body types. The idea was to create a collection that is not only fashionable, but an indispensable addition to everybody’s closet.


The categories are being rolled out one by one over a period of six months, with each item themed according to the month of its release – for example, a coat for the still chilly month of January, a sweater for February, a shirt for milder weather in March, and so on. All are offered in neutral colors of black, navy, light grey and white so that they can be paired with anything and everything.

The designs feature simple lines and no particular structure, neither masculine nor feminine. This contributes to the versatility of each piece, making them adaptable to individual style. While Muji clothing tends to be on the looser side, those who prefer a tighter fit can always size down to make it work for them.

Genderless clothing is not a new phenomenon, although last year the trend began picking up speed along with the conversation around gender fluidity (remember that Vogue cover with Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik wearing each other’s clothes?). MUJI Labo’s collection reflects not only the growing trend but also the company’s philosophy of constant innovation. The company has also announced its plan to open the first MUJI HOTEL in Japan, as well as a global flagship store and MUJI Diner in Ginza this April.

Now, if you’re lamenting the fact that you can’t rush out to the nearest MUJI store and buy all items in the new collection immediately, we understand. Delayed gratification is hard these days. But at least you know exactly how your wardrobe is going to evolve over the next six months. And it might just help you on the path towards becoming more minimalist, too.