What should you wear to a rock festival? Practically speaking you should take big boots, factor 50 sunblock, ear plugs and a first aid kit (just in case). Honestly; looking good at a music festival is as important—if not more, than watching the bands (sorry music nerds). In Japan, festival goers like to take things one step further than the rest of the world. Fuji Rockers often look like they are about to hit a night-club at the top of Mount Everest, rather than stand in a muddy field for three days. Japanese fashion creators like Grace Hats, have been leading the festival-going pack for years. Their headwear creations are beautiful, high-tech and are gaining a huge worldwide following. How did you ever live without one?

Festivals hats, Grace Hats

Grace expanded its brand to the US in 2001, where the young and trendy have been expressing themselves with beanies and caps for generations. The Grace name quickly attracted attention when hip hop artists began sporting the Japanese brand in the media.

“We take pride in our products, which are made with exceptional beauty and are of the highest quality” Chief designer Keiko Miura told Weekender, “planning for each collection begins 18 months before production, designers are highly prioritized in our company, this makes the designs very diverse, as there is no specific theme for each coming collection.”

Grace employs five full-time designers, all based in Tokyo and they are constantly creating innovatively striking designs. Miura’s recommendation for the summer are “off-kilter asymmetric designs for women, and classic designs—with a twist for men.” The special fabric used to make Graces’ festival hats is (thankfully) waterproof, and quick-drying. Designs aren’t limited to hats however; other products include “snoods” and neck warmers—perfect for erratic festival weather, and they look great to boot.

Festivals hats, Grace Hats

Prices range from ¥3,000 to ¥7,000
For more info check out: www.gracehats.com

Images: Grace Hats / Creative Commons

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