Ah Elvis. We have to admit that out here in Japan we haven’t kept up with you musically. Read that there has been an opera, and some Jazz and old style Pop, and with Allison Krause there must be something country going on. And we’ll take it all, because it all started with the viciously punky “My Aim is True” back in 1977 and was followed by the jittery “This Year’s Model”, which told us all to “Pump It Up” while warning of the evil of corporate “Radio Radio”. Whatever happened those messages don’t change. Costello has been touring relentlessly, so you know his chops are still strong, and whatever he decides to cue up — or asks his audience to as he plans to do on the “Revolver Tour” that kicks off in the states in May — it’s going to sound nice.

Mar. 1-3, 7 pm

Tickets: ¥6,800

Venue: Bunkamura Orchard Hall

Nearest station: Shibuya

www.smash-jpn.com / (03) 3444-6751