Kurashiki, Okayama is best known as the birthplace of Japan’s 100% domestic jeans. Now the Sankei Shimbun company is offering a new tour which takes you to some of the most important sites in Japanese jean history, including a visit to well-known brand Betty Smith, where you can make your own jeans.

The Jeans Museum and Village operated by Betty Smith is the only theme park in Japan which specializes in jeans. On the visit, you can choose your buttons and rivets to create your own. What’s more, for an additional charge, you can even order a fully-customized pair. The company’s president, Yashuhiro Oshima, takes you around the park and gives a talk on the history of jeans. The visit also includes shopping at the Betty Smith outlet shop.

The tour also takes you to Kurashiki’s famous Bikan Historical Quarter and Ohara Museum, which showcases paintings by El Greco and Monet with commentary from a specialist. Finally, you’ll stay at Wasyuzan Shimoden Hotel, whose rooms offer a view of the beautiful Seto Ohashi Bridge. Dinner features delicious Japanese seafood dishes.

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