An “enlightened” fashion show took place in Nara Prefecture last week.

While most of the younger generation was busy dressing up in their spooky Halloween outfits, ten Buddhist monks were chosen from a total of 1,500 hopeful models to strut their stuff on the catwalk in a different type of dress-up.

The show, named “Bi-Bozu” (meaning “beautiful Buddhist monks”) was part of a promotional event for Mount Koya in neighboring Wakayama Prefecture, and is trying to attract tourists for the celebration the 1,200th anniversary of the opening of an ascetic training hall on the mountain by Kukai (774-835), a founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism.

The Koyasan Shingon sect’s young Buddhist monks organized the fashion show, and displayed clothes that are rarely seen by the general public, such as those only worn by high-ranking monks. Followed by a photo session, the audience of 300 on the day, consisting mainly of females, that happily cheered on the “beautiful monks” on stage.

Watch a short video below (interviews in Japanese) to see some of their wonderful outfits.

—Mona Neuhauss

Main image: Mulboyne/Twitter