Just in case you’re running a little low on your Daily Recommended levels of Cute, we’ve got your prescription. Meet Darcy the Flying Hedgehog.

While the internet is generally known for its boundless fascinations for cats, there’s always room for another creature in the online menagerie, and given Darcy’s ever-growing Instagram audience, this prickly little critter has rolled her way into more than a few Instagram users—almost 418,000 of them, in fact.

The Instagram account @darcytheflyinghedgehog started out when Tokyo photographer Shota Tsukamoto bought himself a hedgehog in 2010, and he has been an Instagram sensation since, creating artistic children-book inspired shots featuring Darcy.

Given the internet power of Maru that spun into a book, we figure a compilation of Darcy’s poses should be on the shelves before too long…

Here are a few of our favorites so far:

Photo Jan 10, 4 34 32 PM

Photo Jan 10, 4 36 05 PM


Photo Jan 10, 4 35 08 PM

Photo Jan 10, 4 38 07 PM


Photo Jan 10, 5 01 05 PM


Photo Jan 10, 4 38 22 PM


Photo Jan 10, 5 06 44 PM