A first solo show in Japan with abstract artworks using coconuts… we’re curious.

Alan Van Every was born in New York, but he’s currently living in Bangkok, Thailand, after an artist’s residency stint in Seoul, Korea. His signature style includes lots of reflective materials, such as glitter in combination with ink, paint, or paint markers. In his sculptures, he even uses natural products such as coconut shells and bamboo chopsticks that people have discarded. Art that is friendly to the environment and humanistic – we like.

The artist’s interest in astrophysics, quantum physics and sexuality is revealed in his work: “I create paintings and sculptures that reflect and obsess about the world around us”, he explains.

His debut solo show in Japan is entitled Theory of Everything, for which he made new paintings. Although the artwork is abstract, it intends to show the world we live in. He’s also inspired by Thai culture, as he’s living life as an expatriate. “I want the viewers to get a poetic interpretation of subjects that interest me, but I want to leave it up to the viewer to see what they will, in each particular work”.

Theory of Everything

When: Feb. 6- March 10

Where: Hiromart Gallery (see map)

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