Mori Art Museum, one of Tokyo’s largest galleries is hosting the first large-scale exhibition of Lee Bull, Asia’s leading contemporary artist until 27 May.

Since debuting in the international art scene in the early 1990s, South Korean artist Lee Bul has established herself as one of Asia’s leading artists.

In the beginning, Lee worked with integrations of performance and soft sculpture. Later, her works developed into sculptural depictions of “monsters” and “cyborgs.”

More recently, Lee’s insights into human desire, our connection with the universe and utopian ideals have expanded to take on a kind of architectural scale, culminating in her “Mon Grand Récit” series.

Lee Bull ‘From me to you’ is the first full-scale survey exhibition of Lee Bul’s practice, covering over 20 years of her career from her early works through to the present.

Instead of being chronological, the exhibition will attempt to present the various series, which all developed in parallel, in a way that will make apparent their essential meanings and philosophical connotations as well as their geopolitical and historical contexts.

After the Mori, the exhibition is planning to tour internationally including North America and South Korea.

Dates: Until 27 May • Tickets: ¥1,500

Venue: Mori Art Museum, Roppongi Hills

Nearest Station: Roppongi (Tokyo Metro)

Mori Art Museum