For this weekend only, the hotel has transformed its 26th and 27th floors into a contemporary art fair, exhibiting intriguing works inside the guest rooms, with Shiodome’s glass skyscrapers creating a dramatic backdrop.

Hosted by Art Osaka, the ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO (AiPHT) fair opens to the public on Saturday, February 11, and Sunday, February 12, giving you the chance to browse – and buy – artworks from a total of 39 galleries from around Japan as well as from Taiwan and South Korea. The theme for this year’s fair is “The Past and Future of Contemporary Art,” and is expressed through a variety of work from both upcoming and well-established artists.

Park Hotel is just across the road from Shiodome Station, and as you take the elevator up to the 25th floor, you’ll catch a glimpse through the window of the impressive city backdrop that awaits you upstairs. At reception, you’ll be handed a guide map of the different rooms on display, and directed to the 26th floor to begin browsing. There are 39 rooms to look through, each of which represents one gallery, and you’ll get the chance to chat to staff members about the art, and marvel not only at the pieces on show but also at the view of the city – including the always striking Tokyo Tower, and the impressive Shiodome skyscrapers.

art in park hotel

Art by Takashi Yukawa, Ashiyagaro Kyoto Gallery, room 2616

The very first room we ventured into (room 2618) features works from Gallery Nomart, including art by Kodai Nakahara who is considered one of Japan’s most influential contemporary artists, and perhaps most famed for his Lego sculptures. Although there’s no Lego on display at AiPHT, you can see some of his interesting prints and his “A-movie, B-movie/DVD Stack Edition” series.

Lamba prints by Kodai Nakahara, Gallery Nomart, room 2618

We were also quite taken by Taiwanese artist Chen Sheng-Wen’s work, whose embroidery combines pieces of trash with images of animals in an effort to create eco awareness. Also from Yiri Arts gallery (room 2716), Hsiao Sheng-Chien’s “Sound of Forest Bird” is an interesting hanging installation featuring two wooden branches that symbolize a bird’s wings and move up and down mechanically.

art in park hotel

Hsiao Sheng-Chien’s “Sound of Forest Bird” (top), and Chen Sheng-Wen’s embroidery, Yiri Arts Gallery, room 2716

The art fair fits in well with Park Hotel’s ongoing “Artist in Hotel” project, which began in 2012 and involves artists being commissioned to decorate an entire guest room. The aim is to eventually have every room on the 31st floor individually decorated and themed, making the hotel not only a champion of the arts but also a unique place to stay for those visiting Tokyo.

For price, opening hours, and more information about the ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO, go to

art in park hotel

Art by Tomoyo Ito, Jiro Mura Gallery, room 2726

art in park hotel

Art by Minami Kawasaki, Roidworks Gallery, room 2701

art in park hotel

Art by Takashi Suzuki, Gallery Yamaguchi kunst-bau, room 2617

art in park hotel

“Face” by Nanae Mitobe, Gallery 21yo-j, room 2732

Main image: Art by Chiaki Horikoshi, Ryosuke Yasumoto, and Masakatsu Tagami, Gallery Kazuki, room 2619

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