The museum of Okamoto Taro, who many will know for his public art in Shibuya (above!), has a special event this weekend.

Due to last Sunday’s typhoon, this event was postponed to a week later, so in case you weren’t aware, here’s your chance to catch something a bit unusual.

Planned for the harvest moon of last Sunday, September 30, the one-night-only event features projections of Taro Okamoto‘s works in the garden of the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, transforming it into a wondrous, illusory world. In case you are not familiar with Okamoto, he was an abstract and avant-garde artist, renowned for his paintings and sculptures. He studied in Paris and was deeply fascinated by mystery and the occult, which was reflected in most of his work.

Taro Okamoto Museum illumination

How the illumination at the Museum might look

His hometown of Kawasaki collects and preserves his artwork in the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, which also holds other temporary, modern exhibitions – always quite interesting, if you get the chance to drop by.

Exhibitions are held to encourage the questioning of accepted ideas and create new possibilities in art.

What makes this museum stand out from its city dwelling counterparts is its beautiful natural setting, in the lush Ikota Ryokuchi park, which boasts early Japanese architecture.

Assuming the typhoon doesn’t return and the sky is clear, it seems like an out-of-ordinary cultural activity to spruce up a Sunday night. Get there early and take an afternoon stroll in the park.

One Night Illusion (see website here, Japanese only)

When: Sunday Oct. 7, from sunset

Where: Taro Okamoto Museum of Art (see map)

How much: adults ¥600/ students ¥300

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