Muji designs encompass everything sleek and organic, and most importantly simple – just like a white shirt.

If you live in Japan, chances are you own a piece of furniture from Muji use some skin care products from the brand, or even eat its snacks and foods. It’s everywhere: even inside Family Mart.

Muji has been a staple in Japanese daily life since it first appeared in 1980; the name itself, which loosely translates to “no brand quality goods”, perfectly represents what Muji is all about – minimalism, having no visible brand, and recycling.

So why are we talking about all this now? Well, the smart PR people realize that “showing off” their philosophy with the simple white shirt it has been producing and selling for more than a few decades now could bring a few more of us to the store.

That’s right – there is to be a White Shirt Exhibition, and it will take a closer look at the materials used in the creation of well, white shirts. Those white shirts may, as some promotional material says, also epitomize social conventions in Japanese society, whether they’re worn by salarymen or Junior High School students, but surely they are just shirts?

Enough of the cynicism – it’s a free exhibition and a chance to step into Atelier Muji in Yurakucho, a space that is used for art within the regular shop. The image you can see above does make the show look rather intriguing. Why not check it out?

Muji White Shirt Exhibition (Japanese)

When: until March 3

Where: Atelier MUJI Yurakucho (see map)

How much: Free

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