The tight bond between fashion and the diverse women who embody it has long been an attraction for many, including top Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee.

Shooting across the glamorous cities of Paris, New York, and Tokyo as well as the buzzing streets of Asia, the Tokyo Visual Arts School graduate and Vogue Taiwan photographer has been attracting fans with his powerful imagery for years.

From March 9 to April 2, Leslie Kee photo exhibition, MODE/MUSE, will be held at Ikebukuro Parco Museum. The dual themes of “fashion” and “timeless women” – which also happen to be at the root of Kee’s photography – are explored through the exhibition, which presents Lee’s 17 years at Vogue Taiwan and a full collection of iconic women’s portraits.

Guests will be welcomed by snaps of familiar celebrities: Kozue Akimoto, Erika Sawajiri, Ai Tomonaga, Rola and many more. Although all well-known superstars, each female figure is shot through the uniqueness of Kee’s lens in a bold and direct portrayal.

The exhibition runs from 10am to 9pm with an entrance fee of only 500 yen. With over 100 of his Vogue shots and 200 portraits, the exhibition is great day-trip material or an after-work treat. Diehard Leslie Kee fans should also look out for his talk show with illustrator/art director Ed Tsuwaki on March 12 at 2pm.


For further information, visit PR TIMES or Parco’s official site (Japanese only).