To celebrate the upcoming release of his animated film Frankenweenie, Tim Burton is bringing the props and sketches to Tokyo.

The 2012 Frankenweenie feature is actually a remake of the 1984 short film of the same name. A parody and homage alike to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the black and white movie may not feature a man pieced together from scratch, but rather a more friendly dog brought back to life by its young owner.

In Japan, the release date is set for December 15, but if you’re a Tim Burton fan and cannot wait any longer, you can catch a glimpse at the special exhibition featuring puppets from the set, props and original sketches. The showcase presents the full animation process, from the early drawings to the final stages of production, complete with the characters and sets in “an homage to the behind-the-scenes geniuses that are animators.”

The display takes place at the newly opened (and much-hyped) Bicqlo shop in Shinjuku, which combines budget fashion from Japanese high-street giant Uniqlo and Bic Camera electronics under the same roof. In addition, limited edition movie-related goods and t-shirts are on sale, so those could be great gift ideas for Burton fans.

Frankenwinnie Art Exhibition

When: until Dec. 23

Where: Shinjuku Bicqlo (see map)

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