Unwrap the story of chocolate: if you love chocolate as much as we do, you won’t want to miss this special exhibition, originally created by the Field Museum in Chicago but now coming to the National Museum of Nature and Science, Ueno.

Chocolate has been labeled as a symbol of wealth and luxury, as well as a gift for the gods, and it’s one of the most popular holiday gifts all around the world. Not only is it delicious, but it has scientifically proven health benefits, such as prevention of heart disease… unfortunately for those of us with a sweet tooth, we’re talking about only dark chocolate and cocoa here, not to be confused with most sugary snack concoctions in the convenience stores!

The exhibition will cover the entire chocolate process from seed to sweet, and give the full history and cultural importance of the treat. You can discover the unique cacao tree whose seeds started it all, unearth the origins of chocolate consumption and discover how chocolate was transformed from, apparently, a bitter drink of kings into the chocolate we love today.

Besides making you hungry, this exhibition should engage your senses and reveal facets of this sumptuous treat that you’ve never thought about before. We’re hoping for free samples, but is that wishful thinking?

Chocolate: The Exhibition

When: Nov. 3-Feb. 24, 2013

Where: National Museum of Nature and Science, Ueno (see map)

How much: ¥1400 (adults)/ ¥600 (students)

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