The Park Hotel Tokyo in Shiodome will turn rooms on two of its floors into art displays over the weekend of March 12-13.

ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO 2016 (AiPHT) will be focusing on artists who represent the past and future of Japanese contemporary art. This short-term, multi-level exhibition features an array of contemporary masterpieces as well as works by mid-career artists poised to be major influencers of the Japanese art world. The temporary room/installations will feature pieces from 39 galleries: 15 from Tokyo, 22 from elsewhere in Japan, and 2 from outside of the country.


Atsuhiko Misawa《Animal 2007-09》Camphor wood and oil painting, 2007, Courtesy of Nishimura Gallery

The event is organized by ART OSAKA, a committee that has promoted some of the biggest hotel-based art exhibitions in Japan over the last 13 years. The group is looking to create spaces where artists’ work is introduced not only to enthusiasts but also to people who may have never previously considered owning art. The familiar and domestic style of hotel rooms is a perfect setting for the concept, as it’s much easier to visualize living alongside the works – and if you’re so inspired, you can choose to purchase the pieces that are on display.


A hotel room at AiPHT

Park Hotel Tokyo is active in integrating art into its operations. The hotel invites artists to decorate the interior of rooms in their Artist in Hotel program, and holds several exhibitions every year in the Art Lounge on the 25th floor. A preview of the current exhibition featuring selected works is being displayed in the lobby.


ART OSAKA 2015 Tachibana Gallery, photo: Tomoaki Hayakawa

–Luca Eandi

Check In for Art at the Park Hotel Tokyo

How much: ¥1,500 (one-day pass)

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Main image: ARTIST in HOTEL project, Ryosuke Yasumoto’s artist room