The Broadway Christmas Wonderland production is back and lands in Shibuya on December 15. The show is filled with amazing holiday performances from some of the world’s most talented singers and dancers, plus some on-stage figure skating. Ahead of the show at Tokyu Theatre Orb, we talk to one of the show’s leading cast members, Sam Harvey, about bringing festive magic to Tokyo.

What can we expect from this year’s Broadway Christmas Wonderland show?
The show is going to be a wondrous spectacle, full of dancing, singing, unbelievable costumes and all the Christmas cheer you’ll need to get in to the holiday spirit.

What would you say is the most festive moment from the two hour spectacular?
It is all so festive from start to finish, but there is a traditional caroling part of the show that is so moving. Santa also makes a few memorable appearances.


The show was received well in Tokyo last year. Why do you think it appeals to Japanese audiences?
I think the show is such a special way to bring whole families together for an evening and I think that is really appealing to audiences. It’s also very special for us as performers to be sharing our traditions with the crowd.

For foreigners far away from home, what is your best advice to help them get that warm fuzzy feeling this Christmas?
Truly the best advice I can give is to see our show to get a taste of Christmas, enjoy all the amazing Japanese culture in the Shibuya area, and if you want some nice quiet time take a walk through Yoyogi Park (maybe finishing with hot bowl of ramen).

How will you be spending Christmas in Tokyo?
Last year I got some sushi. This year we have a couple of shows, and then I’m sure the cast will get together and do something special.

In Japan, it is common to eat KFC instead of turkey on Christmas Day. Will you be following in your American traditions or the Japanese way this year?
I had no idea that it was common to eat KFC on Christmas – that is awesome! I love KFC! I may have to celebrate the Japanese way this year!


Which Christmas song is the best to sing at karaoke?
The best song for Christmas karaoke has to be “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey.

If you were a Christmas dish, which one would you be?
I would definitely be a plate of Christmas cookies. Mmmmm I love sweets!

Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?
I would kiss my beautiful wife Katie under the mistletoe.


Sam Harvey

What gifts do you wish Japanese Santa would put under your tree?
I’m really hoping to find a sweet kimono this year while in Japan, so maybe Japanese Santa can help me out!

For more information about Broadway Christmas Wonderland, which begins on December 15, visit our event listing.