If you’ve ever wanted to sample some of Japan’s finest high arts but have been intimidated by long performances, Suigian may be the perfect solution. This new theater-dining experience makes Japan’s most famous performing arts accessible for first-timers without compromising on authenticity. Here are four reasons to visit this summer, including an exclusive event held especially for TW Insider’s Club members…

Sample Some of Japan’s Best Cultural Heritage in Bitesize Portions

Walking into Suigian is like stepping back in time to the Edo period. Here you’ll experience short noh and kyogen stage performances, as well as gagaku and Nihon buyo dances and more. Before the show begins, a brief presentation of the highlights of the evening will ensure you have a good understanding of the stories woven on stage. With all seats close to the stage, you can enjoy the splendor of the music and costumes up close. Guests can also speak with the performers after the show and take pictures with them, making it an experience to remember.

Hosho-ryu Funa Benkei performed by Nohgaku Manjiro

Experience Legendary Edo Period Hospitality

After 8:30pm every night, Suigian becomes Momokawa Lounge – a sophisticated bar and lounge that offers a more casual setting for the late evening stage performances. Savor one of the many a la carte menu items together with a wide variety of beverages as you take in the show. Named for a legendary Edo period restaurant that hosted Commodore Perry once, Momokawa Lounge hopes to bring a taste of traditional Edo style hospitality into the modern age. The bar offers a carefully curated menu featuring exclusive nihonshu and other Japanese spirits.

Dine on Edo Period Fare as You Enjoy the Show

Typically noh, gagaku and other stage performances are traditionally enjoyed without food, but at Suigian you can enhance your experience by adding a taste of old Japan on your plate. Suigian serves traditional Nihonbashi-style Edo period fare so you can enjoy the same flavors as people did in the past. Each dish is prepared with the utmost skill and sophistication, and guests may choose blue label seafood – fish that is sustainably sourced. If you have a sweet tooth, sample some of Suigian’s wagashi, which is sourced from two famous Kyoto confectioners, Oimatsu and Kamesuehiro. Naturally, there are several high-quality tea options to match the sweets.

Suigian x TW Insider’s Club Event on July 12

Join TW at Suigian’s Momokawa Lounge from 9pm on July 12 for a spectacular night of stage art and tradition in an intimate setting. Enjoy a total of three performances during the night, with an opportunity to talk and take photos with the performers after each show. Entry is free and guests will receive one complimentary welcome drink. This event is only open to TW Insider’s Club members and their guests. Become a member by June 21 (it’s free!) to receive an invite to this exclusive event via our email newsletter.

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Top image: Hanayagi-ryu performed by Ayaka Kie

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