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Sushi Kit-Kat Launched at Ginza’s New Chocolatory Shop

By Weekender Editor

Remember Nestle Japan’s April Fool’s joke last year? They announced they were releasing seafood-flavored Kit Kats. Well, apparently the response to the joke was so overwhelming that the company was inspired to create Kit Kat sushi.

Of course, these sushi-shaped treats don’t actually taste like fish, so chocolate fans will still get their sweet fix while enjoying the novelty. They were launched on February 2 along with the opening of the latest Kit Kat Chocolatory store, which is based in Ginza and is the brand’s first stand-alone store.

There are three flavors available: the tuna Kit Kat, which features rice puffs coated in white chocolate, topped with raspberry flavored Kit Kat bars; the uni (sea urchin) Kit Kat, which combines Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese; and the tamago (egg) sushi Kit Kat, which has a pumpkin pudding flavor.

Now, how to make sure you get your hands on these limited edition chocs? Head to the new store before February 14 and spend ¥3,000 or more, and you’ll be given a free Kit Kat sushi set – but there are only a total of 500 sets being given away, and a limited number available each day. If you miss out on the sushi sets, don’t despair – there are plans to introduce a café where you can customize your very own Kit Kat chocolate using various toppings.

For the address and contact details of the Ginza Chocolatory store, click here.

kit kat sushi

kit kat sushi

kit kat sushi