As travel restrictions have eased around the world, travelers have had plenty to get excited about. In particular, that feeling of getting on an airplane, which in itself is half the fun of going overseas.

Sharing this same excitement of returning to the sky, Japan’s largest airline, ANA, has combined the fun and wonder of Pokémon with one of their premier aircraft to create the one-of-a-kind Pikachu Jet NH, a collaboration that reflects both ANA and Pokémon’s storied history of bringing the world together.

Unveiled to the press and public in an impressive display that included not only a live performance by a tightly choreographed Pikachu dance troupe, as well as an appearance by Pilot Pikachu, Pikachu Jet wowed those in attendance before setting off on its maiden voyage from Haneda Airport to Bangkok, Thailand, the following day.

Detail and Design

Falling under the project name Pokémon Air Adventures and built on the base of a Boeing 787-9 aircraft, the first thing that stands out about the Pikachu Jet is the bright and incredibly detailed livery that adorns the entire fuselage of the plane. A design that incorporates several flying Pokémon from the various generations since Pokémon was first released in the mid-90s, the imagery looks just as good up close as it does from a distance.

While most of the real estate along the body of the plane is afforded to Rayquaza, an enormous Sky High Pokémon, a number of other fan favorites, such as Charizard, ensure that there’s a Pokémon for everyone. Of course, Pikachu makes an appearance front and center, flying alongside his Pokémon peers with the aid of balloons.

Ascending the stairs and heading into the cabin of Pikachu Jet, longtime Pokémon enthusiasts will be met with a wave of nostalgia as the typical airline background music that plays while boarding has been cleverly replaced with Pokémon games-themed music.

Moving to your seat, the Pokémon details continue with headrests depicting the ever-smiling Pikachu floating amongst the clouds while strapped to a bouquet of balloons. For those with a keen eye, if you take a moment to look out the windows, there are also more Pokémon to find secretly painted on the inside edges of the plane’s engines.

Once up in the air, in-flight entertainment which includes exclusive content in the form of Pokémon Kids TV and Pokétoon (stylized as POKÉTOON). Further highlighting the uniqueness of this experience are the in-flight cabin crew, who while wearing original uniforms in pink and blue specifically designed to match the overall theme of the Pikachu Jet, keep customers refreshed with snacks and beverages that come with Pikachu branded cups and napkins.

Together, these carefully applied Pokémon details make it impossible not to be in awe of the Pikachu Jet experience. Much like the world of Pokémon itself, there is always something new to find as long as you’re keeping an eye out for it, which makes the already enjoyable premise of travel even greater for those on board.

A Flight to Remember

Currently offering flights to a variety of popular destinations around the world, including the likes of Singapore, Australia, Hawaii and Canada, and with economy, premium economy, business options, a flight aboard the Pikachu Jet ensures that guests begin their journey in an unforgettable way. But even after your flight upon this brightly colored aircraft has touched down in your dream destination, the team at ANA ensures that you’re left with a memento of your Pikachu-themed adventure.

As part of the ticket price when flying aboard the Pikachu Jet, guests also receive commemorative gifts to remind them of their time aboard ANA’s newest Pokémon plane. This pack includes a unique boarding pass displaying the details of the Pikachu Jet and an image of the aircraft’s exterior, one of five different Pokémon luggage stickers featuring some of your favorite Pokémon, and a wooden tag in the style of a traditional Japanese kifuda. Typically used as a talisman of sorts that displays a family crest or name, the wooden tags received by those traveling on Pikachu Jet are instead emblazoned with an image of Pilot Pikachu, perfect for letting everyone know you’ve flown aboard this special plane.

In addition to these gifts, other original Pokémon merchandise is available for purchase, such as a Pikachu bath poncho for children. These items are due to be continually updated throughout the life of the Pikachu Jet.

So whether you consider yourself Pokémon obsessed, or would simply like to experience a unique form of air travel, ANA’s Pikachu Jet NH delivers on all fronts. And of course, the same level of service that ANA customers have come to expect over the years permeates through every aspect of the experience, ensuring that you’re in good hands during your Pokémon air adventure.

For more information about the Pikachu Jet and other Pokémon and ANA collaborations, visit the ANA website or the official Pokémon Air Adventures website.