Here’s a reason to visit Nagoya: food stylist Mitsuki Moriyasu’s beautiful low-carb, gluten-free salad cakes are now on sale at her new café.

Moriyasu first released her Vegedeco Salad creation in June last year but on April 5, 2016 she launched Vegedeco Salad Café where those with a healthy sweet tooth can sit down to taste the superfood dessert.

The seasonal vegetables are arranged in striking, colorful layers and surrounded by sponge cake made with natural ingredients such as soybean flour. The icing is made from tofu or cream cheese, blended with vegetables to create their pretty hues. Moriyasu makes sure not to add much sugar to her recipes and also serves a Vegedrop Tea that uses the vegetables’ roots and peels for an added health kick. Talk about a sweet detox.


You can choose from a variety of themed cakes such as the Pastel Violet Vegedeco Salad and the Lotus Pink Vegedeco Salad. One slice costs from ¥856 or you can enjoy a set (including Vegedrop Tea and gluten-free bread made with rice) from ¥1,382. For more information, visit






Annemarie Luck