Every February, Setsubun is celebrated in Japan, marking the beginning of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar.  The festival consists of a ceremonial bean throwing to ward off any lurking demons, and bring good fortune for the year ahead.

However, in Shimokitazawa, the Sotoshu Daiyuzan Shinryuji temple uses this opportunity to honor, rather than banish, the demons (tengu in Japanese) that guard the temple. On February 2, a leading Buddhist monk and his entourage will parade a portable tengu shrine through the streets of Shimokitazawa, paying a visit to the local restaurants while blowing conch shells and playing drums. This marks the start of the Setsubun Eve Tengu Ceremony.

The following afternoon, shop owners, priests and temple-goers work their way through the streets of the neighborhood while throwing beans to pay respects to their tengu, in a ceremonial parade known as Journey to the Heavenly Tengu.