Although the fighters will be competing in the Super Lightweight category, you can expect plenty of heavyweight action on tap for the championship tournament.

By Asi Rinestine

K-1, the world’s most famous kickboxing event promotion company, has gone through many changes in recent years, making alterations in both ownership and format. One thing that hasn’t changed is the promoter’s ability to deliver quality action and exciting events.

The event coming up this Monday is focused on fighters in the 65-kg weight division, who will do battle for a one day tournament: the winner of three consecutive will be crowned champion. This weight class, also known as Super Lightweight, is characterized by average-sized fighters with a very high level of technique and speed who still have enough strength to throw powerful blows that can end in a knockout. Japan excels in this weight class and constantly produces high-level fighters who usually compete in Krush and Glory events.

The tournament will feature some of the country’s biggest names in this weight class, including young superstars Hiroya and Kubo Yuta, as well as Krush superstar Yamazaki Hideaki. K-1 veteran Yamamoto Yuya and Krush rising star Takeru will also have singles fights.

K-1 World GP 65kg Tournament

Where: Yoyogi National Stadium, Gymnasium #2 (see map)

When: Monday, November 3; doors open at 14:30, tournament begins at 16:00

How much: ¥6,000 (A)/¥8,000 (S)/¥12,000 (RS)/¥30,000 (SRS)

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Pictured: Yamamoto Yuya