Considered avant-garde and controversial, photographer Shinoyama Kishin’s famed work is featured in the first major retrospective of his 5o-year career, in a photography exhibit called “The People” by Kishin.

Shinoyama was never one to adhere to social conventions: his work was a target for conservative criticism, as a his subjects were often revealing – think lots of skin – and he was always considered ahead of his time. This exhibit takes a look back at his complete career, which spans five decades.

The exhibit raises the question, “What is the power of photography?”, while presenting his portraits of famous people, one of the main genres he has captured. The images are arranged under the themes of “God”, “Star” and “Spectacle”, and is exhibition is the definitive selection of the work that Shinoyama himself acknowledges as “the moment the god of photography descended.”

Go take a peek at this unique and first solo exhibit, which also reflects the changes in Japanese society over the past decades.

The People by Keishin

When: Oct. 3- Dec. 24

Where: Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (see map)

How much: ¥1000 adults/ ¥800-600 students

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