This time-lapse journey through the cityscapes and landscapes of Japan is a perfect reminder of what draws so many of us to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget just how much there is to see around the country, which is why it can be interesting to see what first-time visitors see and admire about Japan. While people are often attracted to many of the famous sites and sights, everyone manages to find particular corners of the country that catch their eyes.

Tokyo Weekender reader Todor Vankov made a visit to Japan last year, and the time-lapse video that he put together is a curious mix of some scenic “greatest hits” as well as what you can find when you close the guidebook and just have a wander around.

So grab a ticket for this high-speed run through Kyushu, Kansai and Tokyo and see if it doesn’t put you in the mood to plan your next adventure.

Land of the rising sun – timelapse movie from Todor Vankov on Vimeo.

To see more of Vankov’s work, you can drop in at his Facebook page.