News Roundup

Junya Ito Files ¥200 Million Counterclaim to Sexual Assault Accusations | News Roundup

Kim Jong Un's Sister Japan

Kim Jong Un's Sister Talks of 'New Future' with Japan | News Roundup

radioactive water in fukushima

Radioactive Water Leak at Fukushima Power Plant Angers China | News Roundup

Hinako Ashihara suicide

Manga Artist Hinako Ashihara Dies by Suspected Suicide | News Roundup

kyoto animation arsonist sentenced to death

Kyoani Arsonist Sentenced to Death Over 2019 Attack | News Roundup

uniqlo sues shein

Uniqlo Sues Shein Over Mary Poppins Bags | News Roundup

Fujitsu Post office blunder, news round up

Fujitsu to be Grilled Over British Post Office Scandal | News Roundup

japan plane collision

2024 Off to a Tragic Start in Japan Following Major Earthquake | News Roundup