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TW Impact is a space to highlight the people and organizations in Japan dedicated to achieving a better future for the world through their efforts in the areas of diversity and inclusion, climate change and environmental preservation.


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Yoshiro Mori has resigned from his position as Tokyo Olympics organizing committee head for his recent sexist remarks. For successor, he appointed a man a year older than him, the former head…

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Inspiring Japanese Women in Power Pushing for Change

By Taylor Stewart

No event in the past 50 years affected the current makeup of Japan as much as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Tokyo-based social impact entrepreneur Angela Ortiz talks about how the…

News & Opinion

People Inspire People: How The 3.11 Disaster Influenced Angela Ortiz To Become Social Impact Leader

By Nick Narigon

From a bird’s-eye view, “Why,” Kamikatsu’s famed recycling facility and zero waste center, looks like a question mark. The recycling center and related facilities curl into a semi-circle with a tail, while…

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The Race for 100% Zero Waste: Inside Kamikatsu’s Zero Waste Center in Tokushima

By Lisa Wallin

The Japanese practice of koromogae is the seasonal change of clothing. The next leaf turns around June 1, when summer attire takes to Tokyo’s streets. If you are looking to add to your wardrobe,…

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5 Sustainable Japanese Fashion Brands You Need to Know

By Yuka Sato

Whether we scoured online forums for new openings or we applied to the coveted JET program, teaching English is how many expats first start their lives in Japan. Despite teaching ranking among…

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Bringing More LGBT Diversity in Teaching with English Unlimited

By Lisandra Moor

“Japan is the second-largest producer of PET bottles (bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate) in the world. Every year, over 22 billion are produced in Japan; enough to circulate the Earth 120 times. Whilst…

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MyMizu App: Ditch Plastic Bottles and Opt For This Sustainable Alternative Nationwide

By Lisandra Moor