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TW Impact is a space to highlight the people and organizations in Japan dedicated to achieving a better future for the world through their efforts in the areas of diversity and inclusion, climate change and environmental preservation.


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People and development manager, outdoors enthusiast, Minakami ambassador and survivor of a bear encounter. These are just some of the hats that Cory McGowan has worn during his 20-plus years of living in Japan.…

Sustainability/TW Impact

How Adventure Partner Founder Cory McGowan Became a Champion for Minakami

By Samantha Low

Collaborating with Seven & i Holdings, Saraya is paving the road for sustainable development across the globe with their handsoap and hand sanitizers.

Charity & Volunteer/TW Collabs/TW Impact

Saraya Hand Soap and Sanitizer: Leading the Way Towards Sustainable Global Health

By Weekender Editor

Environmental discourse is never far from a deluge of catchy buzzwords. Company mission statements, product packages and branding campaigns are plugged with words like “sustainable,” “eco,” “forest-friendly,” “recycled,” “net-zero” and “green-certified.” But…

Environment/News & Opinion

Greenwashing in Japan – Sorting the Facts From the Fiction

By David McElhinney

Ethical Spirits is the world’s first sustainable distillation platform, launched right here in Japan. As the world transitions to a more self-sufficient lifestyle, Ethical Spirits wants you to populate your liquor cabinet…

Food & Drink/Insider's Member Spotlight/Sustainability/TW Collabs/TW Impact

Ethical Spirits: Responsibly-Made Gin for Your Happy Hour Needs

By Lisandra Moor

Typica is an international startup that aims to make the distribution of green coffee beans – those that haven’t been roasted – more transparent. They recently launched the world’s first online platform that…

Food & Drink/Sustainability/TW Impact

TYPICA Brings Sustainable Coffee Practices to Japan

By Taylor Stewart

In 1992, Yoshihiro Hattori, a 16-year-old exchange student in Baton Rouge, was heading to a Halloween party with a friend. They went to the wrong house. Hattori, or “Yoshi,” was dressed in…

News & Opinion/Tokyo Life

Racism Against Asians has a Sordid Past in the US

By Taylor Stewart

Matches may be made in heaven but they must gain recognition on earth. Here in this corner of the world, some couples are waging an uphill battle to gain legal and societal…

Art & Culture/Diversity & Inclusion/News & Opinion/TW Impact

Equal Under the Law: Japan’s Struggles With Gay Marriage

By Shivdeep Dhaliwal

In the early ‘80s, Harlem-native John G. Russell was at a Tokyo psychiatric ward, visiting the ward’s patients as an anthropology grad student at the time. While among them, a different kind of…

Art & Culture/News & Opinion

Racism in Japan: A Conversation With Anthropology Professor John G. Russell

By Tracy Jones

Yoshiro Mori has resigned from his position as Tokyo Olympics organizing committee head for his recent sexist remarks. For successor, he appointed a man a year older than him, the former head…

Art & Culture/Diversity & Inclusion/News & Opinion/Tokyo Life/TW Impact

Inspiring Japanese Women in Power Pushing for Change

By Taylor Stewart