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from Rakunin, 2010 Japanese ink and hair on pig skin Tabaimo Courtesy of Gallery Koyanagi

Handing it to Tabaimo

Blank Musuem at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

The Art of Being Art-less

The Elusive Nature of Nature

Akira Ishiguro, Installation View, NCA 2010

Manga in the Masters, the art of Akira Ishiguro

Selling the Self Short

Hussein Chalayan, Russian Doll (National Art Center Tokyo)

Art, after a fashion.

Tereza Vlckova, TWO

Czech photography out of the Darkness

3331 Arts Chiyoda Gives you Something to Clap About

Art+Yoshihiro Suda

Yoshihiro Suda's Invasive Species

Spiral Garden and Spiral Cafe

(Tell you why) I don't like Mondays

Vienna on the Couch: Analyzing Austrian Art

Untitled - Anish Kapoor, photo: Owen Schaefer

Who's side are you on, anyway?