For many, New Nanay’s is the first restaurant that comes to mind when thinking of Filipino food in Tokyo. Located south of Roppongi Station inside a multi-facility complex, it isn’t immediately apparent from the main road. However, it’s a familiar and comfortable domain for those looking for equally familiar and comfortable Filipino classics. 

The well-established restaurant is owned and operated by Sayuri, with her husband, Tara, operating the kitchen. Born and raised in Tokyo, Sayuri, who is half-Filipino, spent all 40 days of her childhood summer vacations in the Philippines, and those consistent and strong connections culminated in the opening of New Nanay’s in 2004. 

On the menu: unshaken Filipino classics, bold in flavor and unbridled authenticity. For many, the main draw to New Nanay’s is the sisig, a dish consisting of chopped pork mixed with peppers and served in a hot skillet with a raw egg that’s combined with the meat, gradually cooking as the dish sizzles. It’s also available with fish.

In addition, you’ll find sinigang, a soup known for its sour flavor. It’s filled with a variety of vegetables, including green beans and eggplant, accompanied by tender pork belly slices that add a great richness to the dish. 

For 20 years, New Nanay’s has been the top spot for homesick Filipinos looking for a taste of home, something that Sayuri feels is the restaurant’s key attribute. “I want it to be a place that not only fills your stomach but also your heart,” she says.