A supreme assortment of seasonings that support Tokyo’s traditional dishes.

Tokyo Sashisuseso is an assortment of high-quality seasonings from five well-established manufacturers in Tokyo.

Tamazato sugar, made using a traditional method, contains many minerals and is characterized by the condensed umami found in its sweet taste.

Hoshishio is an extremely rare sun-dried salt produced in Japan. It is manufactured painstakingly only a little at a time through a unique method established after many years of research.

Kinsho is mild rice vinegar made by blending koji vinegar (red vinegar) created with long-matured sake lees.

Gorobe Soy Sauce is a dark soy sauce that boasts a rich taste and an elegant aroma achieved through enhancing the sweetness and umami of domestically grown marudaizu (whole soybeans) by using less salted water in the process and then maturing for one year.

Chuo Line Sauce is made without using any chemical seasonings and contains more than 30% of fruits grown in the regions along Tokyo’s Chuo train line, such as the Tamagawa Pears cultivated in Hino City.

Ingredients: Raw sugar, molasses, sea water, rice, alcohol, soybeans, wheat, salt, Worcester, apples, pears, sugar, brewed vinegar, grape juice, tomato puree, salt, starch, spice

Set includes: 50g tub, 75g tub, 3 x 100ml bottles