A revolutionary comb that helps to create beautiful and lustrous hair through Japan’s latest industrial technology.

Love Chrome PG Tetsuki Premium Black is a comb developed by integrating JP Chrome-Tech, the latest Japanese automotive technology, into “kushi,” which are Japan’s traditional flat-shaped combs. During the Edo period, Japanese combs evolved as a tool to make hair beautiful as women began to adopt more elaborate hairstyles. By applying JP Chrome-Tech, a special processing technology used in the production of luxury cars, it decreases static buildup in the hair and damage to the hair due to friction when combing. In addition, the spherical tips have a massaging effect on the scalp, letting you care for both hair and scalp at the same time. This comb, brought to life through an integration of Japanese traditional skills and the latest technology, is perfect for daily care.

Material: Lightweight ABS

Tetsuki 227mm × 8mm × 48mm
Tsuki 100mm × 9mm × 46mm
Nami 227mm × 8mm × 63mm

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