KOMODARU-LINK Mini Kagamibiraki Set


Share the festive mood with this mini kagamibiraki made with excellent craftsmanship.

This KOMODARU-LINK Mini Kagamibiraki Set is a miniature version of Japan’s traditional sake barrel set, which is integral to kagamibiraki ceremonies. The cask used for kagamibiraki is usually big enough to hold 18 liters of sake but this miniature version holds just 720ml, so it can be used at home during dinner parties or during celebratory events like weddings. The kagami-ita, or barrel lid, features magnets so it can be “broken” many times over. It can be used to serve not only sake but also juice, so it’s suitable for both adults and children.

Size: D 7cm × H 17.5cm (720ml)
Weight: 570g
Each set contains: 1 cask, 1 kagami-ita (lid), 1 mallet, 1 ladle, 1 red container, and 2 masu cups

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    Sakuramori, Longevity, Good luck, PIGEON RELEASE, Goraiko, Song for celebration,

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