ODYSSEY JAPAN SUMMER 2018 POPUP Savor Japan’s Finest Flavors

~Every foodie’s dream: indulge in the country’s best wagyu beef and sake~

The ANA group is proud to present the brand-new Japan tour series – ODYSSEY JAPAN.
Each tour is tailored for tourists more familiar with Japan to explore and experience authentic local cultures and cuisine. To celebrate the new series of tours, a launch party will be held Thursday, August 23, 2018, at Happo-en (see location below).

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indulge in the country’s
best wagyu beef and sake

Event guests will be treated to A5-ranked wagyu beef, Japanese sake and rare fruit from Shonai (Yamagata), Aizu, Tottori, Saga and Miyazaki. Participants have the opportunity to sample exquisite dishes prepared using these exceptional ingredients, and to engage with the fascinating cultures of the provincial areas. The evening is certain to be an impressive introduction to the best Japan has to offer.

Please feel free to invite your family and friends.

wagyu beef


  1. Introducing ODYSSEY JAPAN
    Organizers and industry leaders introduce the exclusive world of ODYSSEY JAPAN.

  2. Fine Bites
    Sample wagyu beef achieving the highest rank in quality, as well as Japanese sake and fruit from Shonai (Yamagata), Aizu, Tottori, Saga and Miyazaki. Experts will share how these impeccable goods are produced.

    You can enjoy over 200g of A5-ranked wagyu beef!

    Five kinds of sake or shochu recommended
    by the regions waiting for you to sample!

  3. Activities, Networking and More
    Engage in a cultural exchange and meet new friends through fun and interactive networking activities. Guests will have the chance to win prizes during the activities, including travel vouchers for your next trip in Japan.

  4. Spread the Good News
    Participate in our social media events for a chance to win special prizes. More details to be released at the launch party.

Online Registration

*The final list of participants will be decided by drawing
if the registration exceeds the maximum number of expected participants.
*The committee reserves the right to close the registration earlier than the set date and time.

Online Registration
Online Registration

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