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  • Yuka Mori & Akane Saijo Duo Exhibition: “Responses in Flux”
February 2, 2021

Yuka Mori & Akane Saijo Duo Exhibition: “Responses in Flux”

11:00–19:00 (Sun 12:00-18:00 | Closed Mon & Tue)・Feb 12, 2021–Mar 12, 2021・Loko Gallery

Yuka Mori and Akane Saijo are both based in Kyoto and studied together at The Graduate School of Kyoto City University of Arts (Master’s Course), each approaching to the boundaries of their physical body and other subjects. Mori has a background in Japanese painting, who tries to perceive the sense of the boundary collapsing between one’s self and the exterior and pursues to express the inner world inside the surface’s beauty. On the other hand, Saijo is interested in historical events or incidents which she carefully investigates. She creates ceramic works, usually having hollow structure regardless of the exterior form, which overlaps with her research subject—both connotes a fictional nature.

The exhibition started from the artists’ correspondence, where the two confessed each other their “sin of the body.” According to the artists, bargaining was inevitable on the process of the correspondence, making them struggle to consider how far they should expose their true self. The act of accepting what occurred to the other and discovering what the two persons have in common, is synonymous to the understanding of the relation between one’s self and the society in a new light. From this process of re-recognition, they created a cycle to flux each other’s “sin of the body” to transform into new energy.

There will be an Instagram Live talk with the artists on the Loko Gallery Instagram page on February 12. Details will be announced separately on the gallery’s website.

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